NBDG Grand Slam - What is this?

NBDG Grand Slam is a competition tour of four PDGA -events (B-tier). All of the events will be played on a golf course. We will set up a temporary course for event and all the golf club's services are in our use. There will be a lot of program in every event. Doubles competition, players party, side events... These events will be big.

NBDG Grand Slam - Events

09.06. - 10.06.2017 Hattula Golf, Parola
07.07. - 08.07.2017 SHG Lakisto Golf, Espoo
28.07. - 29.07.2017 Hirsala Golf, Kirkkonummi
08.09. - 10.09.2017 Tahko Golf (Old Course), Nilsiä

NBDG Grand Slam - Basic event info

* MPO, FPO, MA3 and FA3
* 2 rounds, each 18-20 holes on a pop up -course made on the golf course
* PDGA B-tier
* Fees MPO/FPO 50,00 euros + 10,00 euros for course fee, MA3/FA3 30,00 euros + 10,00 euros for course fee
* Players package inlcude coffee/tea in the players meetings and buffet lunch in the break
* MPO/FPO added cash 500,00 euros
* MPO/FPO money prizes, PDGA TOP15%
* MA3/FA3 trophy only, TOP3
* Additional tour prizes

NBDG Grand Slam - Contact

For questions and registration you may contact tour manager Mikko Wikman (mike@dgstore.fi, +358 40 556 7789)