The Prodiscus After Easter Open is an annual spring classic at Viidentienristeys, Kankaanpää, Finland organized by the local club Tomoottajat Disc Golf. Since 2011 it has been the opener of the Finnish national PDGA tour calendar and established itself as one of the most popular events of the year.

We welcome 144 of the best Finnish and European players to Kankaanpää for a three day PDGA B tier event on 14 to 17 April 2017.


Event Info

  • PDGA B-tier
  • MPO and FPO
  • 4 rounds of 18 holes for all
  • tournament field of 144 players (24 spots reserved for FPO, 10 for Prodiscus and 10 for wild cards)

Schedule (subject to change)

  • Friday: two rounds for pool A and one round for pool B
  • Saturday: two rounds for pool B and one round for pool A
  • Sunday: one round for both pools

Registration in Phases

  • A current PDGA membership or FDGA competition license required for all competitors
  • 50 € registration fee for MPO and FPO
  • Direct registration here

Phase 1

  • 3 February 18.00 (GMT+2) to 8 February (GMT+2)
  • MPO minimum rating 950
  • FPO any rating
  • in order of registration

Phase 2

  • 14 February 18.00 (GMT+2) to 20 February (GMT+2)
  • MPO minimum rating 920
  • FPO any rating
  • in order of registration

Phase 3

  • 25 February 18.00 (GMT+2) to 1 March 18.00 (GMT+2)
  • MPO any rating
  • FPO any rating
  • in order of registration

Phase 4

  • 10 March 18.00
  • Wild Cards
  • Prodiscus Team allocation
  • MPO any rating
  • FPO any rating
  • in order of registration
  • players added from possible waiting list

Sign up to register


  1. Click Rekisteröidy on the front page to begin registration.
  2. Enter your first name, last name and email address.
  3. Choose a user name and a password. Confirm password.
  4. Enter your PDGA number, sex (Mies=male, Nainen=woman), and year of birth
  5. Accept the standard terms and conditions
  6. Confirm by clickin Hyväksy


Event Fee

Event fee 50 € for MPO and FPO must be received
by 13 Feb for Phase 1
by 24 Feb for Phase 2

by 9 March for Phase 3
by 21 March for Phase 4

Use the following details:

  • Tomoottajat Disc Golf
  • FI50 5106 0120 0833 34
  • Use reference 28121 for MPO or 28134 for FPO

 If you are unsure, contact the TD.

Contact Details

Tournament Director
Tapani Aulu #44389

Viidentienristeys Course Info

The course is approximately 1 hour drive away from Tampere Pirkkala airport, 2 hours from Turku, and 3 hours from Helsinki-Vantaa. The course is located 10 minutes outside the town of Kankaanpää.

There are several accommodation options. Ask the TD for more info.