Two rounds with shot gun starts in three pools. You are allowed to practice and warm up on the holes if the previous pool has finished their round. There will be no two minute warning or start signal. You start at the starting time. If the previous pool has not finished yet, you start as soon as the hole is free.

OB:s and mandatories
There is a mandatory on hole 10. If you pass it from the wrong side, you continue from the previous lie (from the tee if you miss on your first shot).

All OB is marked with white line except on holes 13 and 15 OB road between the holes and beyond. Also on hole 20 path behind the basket and beyond. Not marked with white line.

Road far left of 15 is not OB.

Score cards
Pick up your score cards well in advance from the tournament tent.

We use quadruple scoring, which means that everyone in the group has a scorecard in which they enter everyone's scores. On the flip side of the card, enter your name and email and tell if you will accept cash or not.

On the flip side there are also additional stat fields, which you may fill in if you choose to. Enter your normal hole score, then mark line hit and putt for birdie with a plus sign (+). For putts, mark the next full meter. E.g. 9,3 meters is marked "10". These measures are of course not exact but best guesses. You are considered to "putt for birdie" when you try to putt in the basket. If you just try to approach with a putt under the basket, it is not considered a putt.

The group must make sure all the scores are marked and added up correctly before turning the cards in. Remember there are 22 holes with a par of 74. You must return all the 4 cards of the group at the same time.

There are places on the course where it is good to spot. There will be spotters during the event, but not necessarily at all times. The spotters are not officials who can make rulings. They are there to assist you.

If there is no spotter on holes 11 or 11.5 make sure the hole is empty before throwing. If you play these holes without a spotter, stand the red flag or leave a bag in the sweet spot to signal the group behind you that you are still playing.

Tournament tent
The tournament center is at the tournament tent. All information is there. The scorecards must be picked up from and returned to the tent. Remember to inform at the tent if you DNF for any reason.

No on-site registration is needed.

Stop and show your score card for live scoring at the tournament tent between holes 21 and 1.

Drinking water and toilets
You can get drinking water from the well next to the tournament tent. There is an outhouse next to the tournament tent.

First use the parking area. When the parking are is full, park on the road side. You are not allowed to park in anywhere off the road.

Sudden death
Any ties for win will be resolved by sudden death playing holes 10 and 16 alternating until a decision is reached. Also ties for trophies for 2nd and 3rd place are resolved the same way. 

All prizes are awarded in cash. Remember to state on the flip side of your score card if you will not accept cash. You will be given merchandise in lieu of cash. The top 3 in each division is awarded a trophy as well.

TD: Tapani Aulu +358504051472
TD: Tero Koivumäki +358505123259
Assistant TD: Jenni Eskelinen
Preparation and other help: Jarmo Aulu, Harri Mäki, Matias Stenberg, Lassi Salminen, Mikko Karvinen, Petri Mäki, Mikko Suomijärvi, Mikko Frigård, Tuukka Kivioja, Jani Mäkelä.
Sponsors: Prodiscus, Subway, Jämikeskus, Lumiainen,

All PDGA rules apply. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

In Case of Emergency
Call the emergency number 112 and follow instructions. Inform the TD as well.